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First time on DVD :1976 Jaco Pastorius and Alphonse Mouzon

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First time on DVD  :1976 Jaco Pastorius and Alphonse Mouzon 1635927

For UK:

For USA:

This was Albert Mangelsdorff
CD & TV performance with
Jaco Pastorius &
Alphonse Mouzon live in Berlin 1976.
Tracks: Foreign Fun,
Accidental Meeting,
Zores Mores,
Portrait of Tracy,
Trio Song,
Ant Steps on An Elephant's Toe.
62 mins.

The CD version has shorter tracks
This TV , now DVD gig has the Full tracks
so Alphonse Mouzon playing his super fast Cool Drum Solo
at 10mins point of the first track
in Good Color from Nov '76 is Ultra Rare.

Also Jaco's own track was not on the CD
he plays 'Portrait Of Tracy'
on his own
Nov '76 and without Weather Report being there
it is Ultra Special.

Sound : Mono.

This Spanish Company : Jazz Shots
making these DVD's
I hope they do Billy Cobham
and George Duke '76 German gig.



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Thank you Colin.


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