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Suss Streaming "Live" Today (1/7/2013)

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1Suss Streaming "Live" Today (1/7/2013) Empty Suss Streaming "Live" Today (1/7/2013) Mon Jan 07, 2013 4:27 pm



Hey folks… Happy New Year to ALL.

If your schedule allows, kindly tune in later TODAY for my on air interview with Janine Santana on http://party934.com/Janine/.

We will be discussing “THE CREATIVE PROCESS” from a drummer’s perspective within the musical genres of Jazz, Latin Jazz and World Music. Chosen by my host shall be two selections demonstrating my contribution to “Zapata” (The Latin Connection) and “Nu-Po” (Donny Hathaway “Live” at Carnegie Hall).

Monday (January 7, 2013) @ 7p Eastern Standard Time [5PM MST)

Janine live hosts Jazz, World, Latin and Blues programs at the stated times - streaming at www.party934.com/Janine and on 94.9FM in the Hudson Valley! Also, Janine is a rotating on-air host streaming at www.KUVO.org ( Denver), or 89.3FM Denver, 89.7 Breckenridge, 88.5 Vail.

Janine "NiNi” Santana is a musician, actor and recording artist, leading her 12 pc Latin Jazz project, and appearing as a side player on numerous recordings in jazz, world and rock, including some national and international acts. She has toured the United States and collaborates with a number of artists, including Alto Madness bebop legend Richie Cole, and Tito Puente's music director and current co-leader of the Mambo Legends Orchestra, Jose' Madera who are regular Members of Janine's band and appear on her Soft as Granite recording. Currently in pre-production for another recording as leader, NiNi's story will also be made into a documentary film. Watch her website www.janinesantana.com for updates and more detailed concert and performance information.

Thanks Janine for your kind invitation – it was quite fun sharing “behind the scenes” concepts on our topic: “The Creative Process.”

Hope you enjoy it... I'll have a link to the interview after it airs - and, of course, I definitely mentioned Boomer during the 27 minutes of the show. I'm told it will appear quite early in Janine's 2 hour segment.


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nice work on that 1st tune! I'm listening to the interview right now. cheers




Thanks for listening in. Now that's its been aired, here's the full mp3 link to the entire program [provided by permission] and on my hosting page.

Happy New Year Kenny.


[165 MB download]

Very Happy

http://www.linkedin.com/in/johnsussewell  http://www.facebook.co

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