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Simple Rules of Thumb for Forum Posting.

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1Simple Rules of Thumb for Forum Posting. Empty Simple Rules of Thumb for Forum Posting. Sat Nov 01, 2008 10:20 am


We're all here to support Billy,
for starters. We want to always
show respect to him and rem-
ember that we are his ambas-
sadors. As such, I want to en-
courage you to step up and
pay tribute to him in present-
ing ourselves in the very best
light, possible.

Here are some things to rem-
ember, while you here:

1. Do not make personal attacks.

2. Defer the use unnecessary
profanity and certainly any that
would antagonize.

3. If you have a difference of
opinion, please state why and
simply, rather than attack an
other point of view.

4. If you speak about subject
matter such as religion or phil-
osophy or personal matters
that might be sensitive to
others, turn up your tolerance
levels to 11 and think before
you click ENTER.

5. I encourage you to read
your posts BEFORE you make
them and even AFTERWARDS,
using the EDIT function, with
the purpose of defusing any
volatile situations that may
come up from time to time.

6. Treat each other with the
respect you deserve - the
kind that this world most
usually forgets and make
us proud of this forum.



I have always honored these rules, yet in a public forum/foray so much should be heard without censorship.

So don't lock threads upon pressing the Enter Key! Do not do this.

It is clear to me that while many type, less is understood by the writing. I've learned hard lessons in my life without the back-biting and censorship that some up front and personal seem to want to enforce. It will not be done Pete; simply because where there is a vision to succeed, there is also a mission to accomplish - without leaving anyone behind.

Please know that I am an Admin for our Country, and not just this virtual community.

With All Love & Respect,

http://www.linkedin.com/in/johnsussewell  http://www.facebook.co

Admin (Pete)

Admin (Pete)

I appreciate your desire for
freedom of speech, here, on
this site.

I am here to tell you that I
would like it if you could all
treat each other, with the
respect you deserve. I have
seen from experience, how-
ever, that my hope for this
freedom is an empty one.

I have seen poor conduct
in combustible threads. I
have locked them because
the flaming just continues
despite my warnings.

This site is not free. It will
be conducted in a manner
that is respectful.

Prove to me, collectively,
that you can conduct your-
selves in a more civil manner
and I will lock or delete
threads even more rarely
than I have done in the
past. I have been more
than patient.

The world has enough of
that stuff. Time to move on.

You're all lucky that I am
leaving them visible, for
example. Just read them
over again and see if you
don't regurgitate some-
thing foul.

Everyone has to start
behaving, right now.

Whoever doesn't like it
can start up their own
forum for Billy. I am tired
of the pm's related to all
of these conflict in ideas,
when what really is at
the root of things is how
you, all, present them.

There is nothing wrong
with being different. I
want this site to be a
different site. I don't
it to become like all the
other sites, that just
flame. We're big enough.

Again, show me that you
guys can conduct your-
selves better and I will
be less heavy-handed.

Prove it to me. Show
me the money because
the buck stops here.

Talk is cheap. I want to
see action.

I think of this site as a
second home for Billy.
We embarrass him,
when we act like little
kids that just want to
be right.

I don't defecate where I
sleep, as the old saying
goes and I wrote that
not quite in the same
way but you will get
my meaning. It reflects
poorly on Billy. I won't
have that anymore.



To the father of us, all - Billy Cobham!

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