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Suss Scribed 2009

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1Suss Scribed 2009 Empty Suss Scribed 2009 Sun Dec 20, 2009 12:30 pm



http://www.johnsussewell.com/SussMuzzled.jpg [as in listening before speaking; or even typing for that matter… Go Figure!]

The last seven years have been most interesting for me and I’m poised for yet another marked change of Jubilee with Release! I journal simply because I’m on a journey, as we All are. I’m sure when examining self, each will take stock in the fact that no one can do anything of benefit toward another unless each individual acknowledges ‘every’ other when taking stock in themselves. This is why I should not be confused with narcissism.

This Season, I can only dwell upon the positive contributions others have made to my life. By the Grace of a God Who Lives, I’m well and expect great things for 2010. I’ve Sussed out that it all comes down to a personal (and principled) attitude that I repeat here because we all tend to lose track of this. In my outlook, I adhere to Faith that works by Love (Galatians 5:6), instead of pretending to be politically correct for those who don’t believe in anything or anyone beyond themselves – yet want to impose their secularism onto those who simply down-right Know Better.

I do Know Better – what’ more I know my Savior: the Greatest Man Who Ever Lived. I must, and will continue to do so, because of the Goodness, Grace and Gargantuan experiences (opportunities) I’ve been afforded over my 60+ years with Evidence. I trust in my daily Worship that I’m making the most of every singular lesson I’ve learned while alive – and that by paying forward toward the benefit of someone else I’ve benefited along the Way. Jesus is more than an enlightened soul (nephesh): he had the courage to declare Himself the only Son of His Father – and that by the Holy Spirit who breathed into man’s spirit (ruach). Then and only then did Man became a living soul (instead of just having ‘one’).

Whether it’s in the corporate work place or recording studios allowing musically creative performances (or simply relating with wonderful people face to face), I’ve come to appreciate that our steps are better gauged by how we walk, rather than what we expect along the path. Go with what you Know and have confidence! I’ve known this for a very long time. Even my personality lends itself for others to borrow at times. I see this when others takes digs at me because they know I can absorb them, while I know they are seeking something more than just our exchanges. As for me, I yearn for every bit and parcel when I meet someone new. It refreshes me: as does a drink of water when thristy.

My quench comes as a pool rather than a river or stream. My quench comes when there’s a quiet time to reflect and rejuvenate. My quench comes when those I’m related to recognize, receive and respond to our time in their own time. The concept of eternity has been placed in the heart of Mankind so that we might appreciate these very things. I pray that this time of year brings us to remembrance: for there far too many who don’t know this Principle than those who claim to know.

Hence, regardless of what you observe, and certainly regardless of what “faith/belief system” you adhere to, please know that my sole motivation is to ask that you extend yourself - even exert yourself to observe another person somewhere who might not be able to latch onto something dear to them. When you do this (if and when), you’ll understand why I journal today. When you do this, you just might be able to sow a seed in someone else’s heart and mind toward not only bettering themselves, but All of Us in the process.

Worship is a lifestyle; not a day of the week.

Have Blessed Relationships, regardless of seasons or winds!


John M. Sussewell
(a/k/a “Suss!”)

http://www.linkedin.com/in/johnsussewell  http://www.facebook.co

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