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Grey Goose

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1Grey Goose Empty Grey Goose Wed Jun 30, 2010 5:22 pm



Well, this isn't a drumming byte or even a jazz byte. It's a sharing among friends. A few years ago I posted a couple recordings of my son and I playing playing folk music. We haven't played together for a couple years, but we did last Saturday and with five minutes rehearsal this is take 2 of 2:
fileden.com GreyGoose3.mp3

I like this song because it's about invincible spirit. My son, Kyle, is now 14 years old and is really coming along on violin with a strength in improvisation. More than half the joy for me is just hearing what he comes up with on the fly. I still have yet to play past the third fret of a guitar, but improving with what I know. And I'll tell you what, playing guitar has enhanced my coordination at the kit. Kyle just began a month of music camp in the Adirondacks. Some of his choices on this track remind me of classical Indian Carnatic violin which is pretty cool stuff . . .


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