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Douglas Haywood Rauch was just 28 when he Died in 1979

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Sorry for keep doing threads on Doug.
but I found a Great Site about  Doug.

I love his solo  on Billy Cobhams  Life & Times  track 1975-76.

Douglas Haywood Rauch     (14 September 1950 ­  -  23 April 1979)

"Pre-Santana Years: Rauch was born in New York. Prior to joining Santana, he
worked with several New York-based acts like Buzzy Linhart, Voices of East
Harlem, Bunky&Jake…etc Rauch appears on Bunky&Jake’s 1969 L.A.M.F ­ album.
The collaboration with Buzzy Linhart also resulted in an album: ²Music² in
1971. He also played one track on Carly Simon’s debut album the same year.
Accepting an invitation from Santana drummer Michael Shrieve Rauch moved to
San Francisco in 1971 where he worked with the band Loading Zone which also
featured future Santana bandmate Tom Coster. Rauch and Coster also worked
briefly with guitarist Gabor Szabo during this period.

Santana Years 1972-73
Doug Rauch teamed up with Santana in 1972 replacing Tom Rutley. He made his
first appearance with the band in early 1972 Rauch shared a mutual admirance
for the music of The Mahavishnu Orchestra with his new bandleader, and was
an important element in shaping the more jazz/rock/fusion-oriented sound of
The New Santana Band. He appears on the albums Caravanserai, Welcome, Love
Devotion Surrender and Lotus. During the Santana years Rauch also played
with a third edition of Tony Williams Lifetime which also featured Japanese
guitarist Ryo Kawasaki.
After Santana 1974-79 (David Bowie, Lenny White, Billy Cobham & George Duke
Band, Jan Hammer).
Doug Rauch played his last show with Santana on New Year’s Eve -73/74. He
was replaced by returning original bassist David Brown. Later that year
Rauch teamed up with David Bowie for his Diamond Dogs-tour for a month in
sepember 1974. In July-August 1975 Rauch worked with Lenny White on his
Venusian Summer – solo release.
The same year Rauch joined the Cobham & Duke Band.
This collaboration was, however, short-lived due to D.R’s
increasing substance abuse problems.
His collaboration with the Jan Hammer Band was also short-lived
and he was replaced by Fernando Saunders in late 1975."

Doug Rauch died of a drug overdose in San Francisco, aged only 28.

One of the key elements of his style was his unique use of his thumb in a
down and upward-motion. This technique is now commonly referred to as
²double thumbing² and used by several high-profile bass players, most
notably Marcus Miller and Victor Wooten. The earliest recorded examples of
Doug Rauch using this approach is the ²Attitude² on the ²Giants²-album
(released in 1978, but recorded in 1971) and ²Look Up……. from Santana’s
Caravanserai-album 1972. Another key element of his sound is his frequent
use of a phase-shifter. Rauch still used a good amount of conventional two
finger right hand technique during his Santana-years.
But with Lenny White, Cobham & Duke-Band it was thumb style more or less

Doug Rauch main bass was a heavily modified pre-cbs era Fender Jazz Bass.
The bass had an additional Gibson EB-pickup (a.k.a “mudbucker”) in the neck
position. The original jazz bass neck pu was replaced with a P-bass pickup.
It also sported some additional non-original knobs and switches. He also
used a stock pre-cbs era Precision Bass for some of his work with Santana.

Bunky & Jake: L.A.M.F. (1969)
Music: s/t (1970, re-released as “Buzzy Linhart is Music)
Carly Simon: s/t (1971)
Papa John Creach: s/t (1971)
Giants: (recorded 1971, released 1978)
Santana: Caravanserai (1972)
Betty Davis: Betty Davis (1973)
John McLaughlin & Carlos Santana: Love Devotion Surrender (1973)
Santana: Welcome (1973)
Santana: Lotus (1974)
Jose Chepito Areas: s/t (1974)
Shigeru Suzuki: Bandwagon (1975)
Lenny White: Venusian Summer (1975)
Billy Cobham: Life & Times (1976)"


For such a young  Bass player   with Santana  back in 1972
I have loved his playing.
I am  so glad that Bill was able to have Doug on his Atlantic
Life and Times  CD.

This Video shows Doug going to his Car and Photographic Store.



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Phil Wain
has done a great link on Doug



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A soundboard version.



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Thank you for sharing this.

Always loved his playing, starting with the Santana '73 band.

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