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24bit 1976 Life & Times Billy Cobham Japan Edition Nov

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I am buying this a Atlantic Japan 24Bit master
better than that rare $300 USA woundedbird/copy.

Also Inner Conflicts †on a 24bit Atlantic †CD in dec

Utter Bliss
this Nov.



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Thank you Colin, that's great!I'll do the same.Peace,Stef

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CDJapan has it for $9.53 US dollars with a release date of November 12, 2014.

I had no idea that the Wounded Bird release was out of print, I was meaning to get a copy of it, then before you know
it, it is out of print (Urgh!)

I have Crosswinds, Total Eclipse and Shabazz on CD from Wounded Bird, I guess that one got pass me....It looks like
they dropped the whole Billy Cobham catalog that they once had.

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This is good news. The Wounded Bird cdís from 14 years back (released in 2000) are not the best pressings, I will definitely replace mine with the 24bit Atlantic versions as soon as they come out. The Wounded Bird releases have been out of print for some years. You can get a used cd of Inner Conflicts for $119.20. A new one is $199.95 Very Happy


Kind regards,

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Great news Inner Conflicts 24bit Atlantic CD Japan Edition

out this Dec.



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Arrived Today
from HMVJapan english site.

That Chicago Store Sold Out
of their first batch.

Utter Bliss
10 Outta 10

Sound is so †much better
You can hear Doug Rauch on bass
so much clearer.

On the ending of †"On a Natural High"
you can hear more of John Scofield
on Electric Guitar †on the fade out.



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