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Bill would you ever Phasor Up your Snare like the 1970's

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I know you have those small Yamaha  Pads  on the top
of your Front   Tama Toms.

But would you ever Phasor up the Snare Drum of your kit (for Bigger Venues)
or are todays engineers
Not Dennis MacKays etc.

I know if engineers get a cable problem hums  and  adjusting audio
but  I was at a  Steve Lukather Live gig who has a  great young  tech  man
low down on his stage changing cables super fast.

Its not me wanting to go Retro
its just no one does it now days.

Its a effect and sounds so cool on 5.1 sound
when Top Drummers are playing

I have mixed Puffnstuff (B.Cobham 1977)  with a Hif Fi Sansui  Pre Amp
so I have two channels   with a Central Mix  bar   so with 2 of the same track
I create a Phasor effect  on his Drum - Rap.   part of the cool track
recording to DAT or CDR the 2  (same) tracks playing in near sync

Its Good Old
...... Old School



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