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Phil Collins booked : Sunday Live Ch4HD Sunday Brunch 31st

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This Production Company makes it.
its at Bayswater ,  London 3rd Floor

Its a Live Long show Sunday  9:30AM - 12 :30PM

I posted Sheila E.
on her visit to this show

And I am hoping Billy Cobham
can go on as, one off, Special Band Performance and talk
or the whole long show - with ads. (which is mega long),
with Live performance at   the show ending

Phil is now Singing
not on drums , sadly.
Nice to hear him talk next Sunday Live



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A update
Phil was just Live on BBC1 AM TV

He is living in Florida,
a Doctor has corrected
his "shot"  back.
He has nerve trouble in his arms
But is doing OK
he fell over after visiting the Doctor
thats why he has a stick - at this time.

One thing I love about  Phil
he is straight with you.

He confirmed "Face Value"
is now remastered. (2 CD)
It has a bonus CD of live or outtakes



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