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Taming it down - Same Intensity

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1 Taming it down - Same Intensity on Sun Jan 31, 2016 1:50 am

John Blackwell's; Jeremiah's Sleepy Night

I've followed Blackwell for sometime now but haven't listened-in lately to where he has arrived musically (recorded only 3,4 years ago). I'm totally blown as to his maturity in approaching music - having his own funky sound yet pulling back a tad or two. In other words, I think he has toned down quite a bit where his sound is so much more refined, if I may. Listen to his earlier years and you know what I'm raving about. This guy was in people's faces during their soloing! Blackwell could have easily been tied-up in the drum-a-thon thing where he could be playing to himself but chose to play music. The video here demonstrates that same intensity but more 'open', refined and musically inclined. So if you've heard him in earlier years then up until now, you will notice that taming of youthfulness has come full grown. I take that back - I'm expecting even more refining as he continues maturing.

My take here.


Mr. John Blackwell

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2 Re: Taming it down - Same Intensity on Sun Jan 31, 2016 6:23 am

My take: I hear what you're saying in speaking of J.B.
in the past, Rac. The big things with me where he was
concerned was He would hit the drums so hard that he'd
choke the tone right out of them and I felt all the stick tricks
as visually appealing as they are, did a bit more harm than
good when it came to the sonic output of his solos, that and
his aggressive style of attack on the kit.

This particular tune calls for a consistent amount of restraint
so with me the jury is still out on Johns aggressiveness as I
personally would need to see some more recent clips of his
playing before determining if he's actually tamed it down or

But again, that's just my observation and take.

Thank you for posting.

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3 Re: Taming it down - Same Intensity on Sun Jan 31, 2016 12:15 pm

Good synopsis Rac. This tune seems like some straight forward modern R&B session work, almost mechanical in what it requires. He's still hittin hard. I was expecting something different when you described it as something more subtle, this is straight ahead session work and he plays appropriately. I'd like to hear him use brushes on a jazz tune to know what kind of intuitive ability he has. Thanks for posting always a joy to hear him play. I love the cymbals on this top notch drums everything sounds good.

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