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Non-Generic Shell Skins by Rac

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1Non-Generic Shell Skins by Rac Empty Non-Generic Shell Skins by Rac on Tue Oct 06, 2009 4:03 pm

Non-Generic Shell Skins by Rac Tomski11

This is something I flashed on Spanky's topic on drum shell wraps - I like to call it drum shell skins.

I'm currently contemplating on designing "Custom" shell skins (wraps) being that I use the programs on a daily basis and have the technology to produce. These will not be generic, but very personal and unique to the drummer. There may be some work on the potential customer like sending right files etc. but can be done.

I just have to devote the time required in doing so. If and when I do decide to go that route, I'll let people know. I may setup this form of service on my web page www.signsearch.com to get further details for people seriously interested. When locating me on that site, you need to type 'location; Honolulu Hawaii along with type of sign needed and it will drop a list of business' in that area. Scroll to DeZion Signs. You can see my gallery of a few pieces I've done in the sign industry.

Anyway, this is something I played with last night between meeting with clients. I already have a client who's daughter plays the drums and wants some gothic type skin for her Ludwig kit. haha!

Note: This is just a digital visual presentation of what a 'Non-Generic' shell skin can look like. I will be printing on transparent material so that the beauty of the natural grain of wood drums will not be covered.


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2Non-Generic Shell Skins by Rac Empty Re: Non-Generic Shell Skins by Rac on Tue Oct 06, 2009 6:39 pm

I like it, Rac!

How would I get a design on my shells... Incidentally, do I get a percentage for coming up with the name, "Rac"? Laughing

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3Non-Generic Shell Skins by Rac Empty Re: Non-Generic Shell Skins by Rac on Wed Oct 07, 2009 3:52 pm

Soon as I can intergrate that kind of service within my sign business you be the first to know. At that point I can start taking orders. This way I can skip the hurdles it takes for setting it up as a added service without having to start a seperate intity. In other words, Ideally, the Drum Shell Skins may be a part of my existing sign business. Knowing that artists/musician like me are known to be disorganized when it comes to paper work I've been assigned a bookkeeper that keeps a person like me inline or she'll take my head off! lol!...she nearly did sometime ago ....double lol! Very Happy Laughing

The only female that does'nt have say in my life is my wife. I can use any type of pants. She just tells me what color pants it will be Lol cheers Embarassed

But glad you like it. It's actually your name that would sell better than mine Very Happy

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4Non-Generic Shell Skins by Rac Empty Re: Non-Generic Shell Skins by Rac on Wed Oct 07, 2009 10:53 pm

so what's the name of the business ?

You should call the product Rac-Wraps .

Would they have to be glued on, or would they be something that's removable ?

I thnk it's a great idea, though Rac !

Peace, TED

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5Non-Generic Shell Skins by Rac Empty Re: Non-Generic Shell Skins by Rac on Thu Oct 08, 2009 2:21 am

Hey Rac,

Why not use a company name that is similar to your moniker while being relative to your drumming style?! You know, something like:

"HACK". Shocked

Just kiddin, man! lol!

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6Non-Generic Shell Skins by Rac Empty Re: Non-Generic Shell Skins by Rac on Thu Oct 08, 2009 3:00 pm

so what's the name of the business ?

DeZion Signs.

RacWraps sounds pretty cool. I'm thinking these would be printed on transparent vinyl because personally, I like to see the natural wood through the skins. I can also control the amount of transparency by adjusting the transparency levels in Photoshop. So that way my motto of skins being personal and non generic remains consistent.

Recently, there have been printed skins (below is what my Xbox looks like) used on equipment like Xboxs', notebooks and computers that are termed 'repositionable.' Meaning they can be removed at a later time without leaving the adhesive residue on the equipment. Thats good to know, which can have a negative on the value of equipment. As with the transparent material ,I'm refering to, may not. Again, I'm new to the material aspects of this market but as with the graphic designing end, I'm all there. You see, these materials are used in the sign industry, yet not very often as far as being utilized for specialty items such as drum shells.

Non-Generic Shell Skins by Rac Xbox12

What can I say D...you're a funny guy. Or in your terms. How about this one.....RacAttack. :lol!

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7Non-Generic Shell Skins by Rac Empty Re: Non-Generic Shell Skins by Rac on Thu Oct 08, 2009 10:37 pm

Very Biblical name Rac. Appropriate !

You're designing logos for people that are going to use them on wood shells. That's one market.

How about something for people like me, who has a solid color on the drums ? In my case, purple. Since your "skin" will be transparent, I can see putting something red, whte or even black in a design over the purple drum . If it could be removable, then I could get several designs and change them up whenever I wanted, Or, go back to my solid color. Perhaps the skin could overlay the other seam and stick that way, as in those decals that stick to glass . That would give you a bigger potential market !

Just a thought.

Peace, TED

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8Non-Generic Shell Skins by Rac Empty Re: Non-Generic Shell Skins by Rac on Mon Oct 12, 2009 5:40 pm

Hi ted. I could not respond yesterday for some reason. May be a tech or my personal computer issue. But anyway, thanks for the reply and ideas. Sounds great.

Regarding having to print on transparent material; Colors need to be brighter than existing dark color finishes. Seems you understand that theory where a lighter color will always have a better contrast over darker backgrounds (ex. dark purples, reds etc.).

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9Non-Generic Shell Skins by Rac Empty Re: Non-Generic Shell Skins by Rac on Thu Dec 29, 2011 8:09 am

Rac, how is this coming along? I know the printed vinyl wrap business is growing. Drums are a perfect canvas for any and all kinds of image and art work.

I've thought about images of all the national parks I've been to. Other nature stuff, animals, as well as celestial images. Various nebulae and such.

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