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Check Out My Friend's Drum Solo last night !

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1Check Out My Friend's Drum Solo last night ! Empty Check Out My Friend's Drum Solo last night ! on Fri May 28, 2010 8:18 pm

this is the Tull song Locomotive Breath with my good friend Vinny Conigliaro on the drums, Tim Curtin on guitar and Jim Keneally on the bass. I recorded this last night.

As I have said before, I share this bi-monthly gig with two other drummers and this is one of them - he definitely has the best chops of the 3 of us ! LOL

He's been playing like this since he was 17, and he's now 55. I used to watch him literally destroy drumsets onstage, such was his onslaught.

the kit is a Yamaha. Hope you enjoy it ! Small file so it's a fast upload.


Peace, TED

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Very nice, Ted... Vinny worked it!

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Thanks Don ! vinny is a monster player and a great guy as well ! I will pass on yuor compliment to him.

Peace, TED

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Yeah Vinny is a great drummer, I like how he relaxes as he solos, and because of it he is able to project more and sustain it.

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thanks Spanky !

Peace, TED

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I can hear Vinny's experience in his playing and coolness about it all. His tempo is great throughout the song. Solo was killers! Lots of Krupa I hear as well mixed in there.

Would you have more of Vinny in different venues?

Thanks Ted.

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thanks for watchng Rac. Well I have a bunch of him at Paddy's but you requested different venues. I can give you some links to four videos on you tube of Vinny with smotth jazz artist Paula Atherton > her husband Lou Giminez is on guitar . He and Vinny played together in the 70's in a prog rock band called Rondo - nobody covered Yes like them.

Also a video from a band vinny plays with from time to time called the Funky Organics.

He plays also in Faze 4 wedding orchestra, another monster outfit .

In the late 70's vinny played in Steeplechase - you can find their music if you google it.

He also played in a band called Flight which opened for John Mclaughlin and the One Truth Band at Central Park way back when. Let me find those links:





Those 4 are with Paula Atherton


That was the funky organics clip

This is the corporate/wedding band agency. He plays with The Next Faze . go to link and click on that band.


Next to Boomer, He's simply the best drummer I know [sorry Don, I love you too !] LOL

Peace, TED

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No need to apologize, brother Ted. I thoroughly enjoy listening to Vinny. He's got chops for days, yet he's confident enough in his playing to not have to use them at all in some of these clips. He's almost TOO subdued in the "Funky Organics" clip. We could all learn something from Vinny's flawless playing approach.

You got my attention, Vinny! Keep up the fantastic playing! cheers


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Thanks Don, I will pass those compliments on. And what it shows again is something that it takes a long time to learn - to play what the music calls for, instead of trying to overplay because you can.

I first saw Vinny play back in 1970 and I didn't know at the time that he was only 15 years old. He had long red hair in a ponytail, lots of acne, and big round glasses. When I tell you he was killing every other drummer chop-wise you've got to believe me. HIs solos made other drummers turn away in embarassment. He looked older than he was so he was able to play in the clubs.

He's made a living playing drums for over 40 years, and I give him all the credit in the world for sticking to it. {no pun intended}.

He has a four word motto: " play drum, get check. "

Here's a new vid from this past Sat. I recorded my bass playing friend Eddie Denise's new solo band called the Eddie Denise Project at their first gig. Original music. this tune is called Happy Man. Vinny on drums !


Peace, TED

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Hi Cousin!

Watched it... Appreciated it, and Hope you convey my Respect to Vinny for what is clearly seen and heard. Makes you want more: that's what I Expect.

What I Appreciated were the phrasings and combinations adding to the flow within musical patterns. Sounds technical (sure); but in reality this form and performance is the most expressive from any musician's perspective on stage OR in the studio.

What I Hope is that Vinny keeps Stickin' to his craftsmanship [every pun intended]. It's clear that I'm not alone with this encouragement. Even though Vinny doesn't dramatize his stuff with visual intensity (antics, body movements, etc.), he does create the sonics that make sense and add to everyone on stage and in the audience. I think that's a good thing, actually.

What I Expect is that Vinny will continue to pursue his craft and expressions; regardless of whatever seems to prevent this. I share in that expectation for myself, as well as with all those who I've come to know through this website, and others, communing us around Billy Cobham.

Have drums - get paid!
Reminds me of the erstwhile televised western - with the motto of "Have gun; Will Travel." Richard Boone (as Paladin) looked threatening - didn't he? I never missed a telecast of this from '57 to '63.

Vinny C. sounds appealing without being a mercenary. Like Paladin, this solo draws one into the mystery of whether either the player or listener will beat the draw [every pun intended]. Very Happy

Appeal to Vinny to "don" the same garb with sticks in hand - and not a gun! [No pun intended Don! LOL!]. I mean if you have that moniker - it ought to be remembered and sought after.

Check Out My Friend's Drum Solo last night ! RichardBooneAsPaladin
Richard Boone's "Paladin"

Check Out My Friend's Drum Solo last night ! HaveGunWillTravel

Idea? scratch scratch scratch

Naah... but you get my point Ted. bounce Cool

Rolling Eyes silent

Thanks for posting this Cuz. Ted. Been awhile since we've spoken by phone. Busy on my end, while fulfilling better things that I'd love to share, but can't right now. I'm especially happy for you and the others we've spoken about and heard over the years. Thanks Man.

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thanks for watching Cuz and I will pass on your kind words to Vinny.

But you changed his 4 word motto to have drum- get paid . Which is what you heard in your head . LOL Actually it's Play drum- get check . Maybe not as glamorous as the old TV show but is what he says.

Either way, the semantics dont' matter, the essence of the thought does, as well as your observations.

Thanks again John ! Be well !

Peace, TED

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12Check Out My Friend's Drum Solo last night ! Empty Re: Check Out My Friend's Drum Solo last night ! on Thu Jun 24, 2010 11:58 pm

Hey Cousin Ted...

You Got The Point while forgetting that proficient drummers can do such in Time. What we do tempers the entire stage or studio. You know this Ted.

Hence, there are no "butts" or "buts" Ted. Like you said: only semantics; BUT the meaning is clear.

Just pass the word along in the integrity of the music I both saw and heard.

I am well.

Just working a "new" butt" while shedding the old one.


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13Check Out My Friend's Drum Solo last night ! Empty Re: Check Out My Friend's Drum Solo last night ! on Mon Jan 02, 2012 11:21 pm

Just another reason to know there are thousands and thousands of drummers with world class chops out there that no one knows of, but a few. You wish they all had the exposure they deserve.

The higher the bar gets raised, the better every generation becomes at the craft.

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