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No Hot Flashes - Just a Cold Sweat!

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1No Hot Flashes - Just a Cold Sweat! Empty No Hot Flashes - Just a Cold Sweat! on Sun Mar 09, 2008 10:46 am

Re: A Funkified Cold Sweat without hot flashes!

I’m sorry ya’ll (or in proper English with grammar and syntax: I apologize “you All”): but I just have to put this up in a new thread on behalf of Mr. Don Thomas (D.Slam) on behalf of the Joint Chiefs. He did NOT ask for this, since no needs to speak for him anyway. I’m just sharing…

YEAH, I ALREADY KNOW I’M LONGWINDED, but at least I’m breathing: so read this and rejoice! No critiques, please. Just read with wisdom and understanding with everything you are dealing with in this world’s system of things – and that without projecting your fears or intimidations upon another person without them knowing what the heck you are talking about… I make it plain in my life’s quest: I’m a free man just having survived a divorce from a woman I shouldn’t have been married to anyway. The God that I serve did not put that relationship together, so like many women do, let them have at it with their pain press. As a man, I'm moving on without either the hot flashes or cold sweats. Cool

... yeah, I know Don and I fight a lot; but like family we forgive each other around the dining room table. It only takes time and patience, regardless of “circumstances.”

Don (Neph), please forgive me for posting this without your permission; I just wanted to make a statement with YOU behind the kit rather than me demonstrating what SHOULD BE FREAKIN’ OBVIOUS WHEN IT COMES TO FUNK! Some like it dirty, others like it clean. It (funk music) is what it is… as is any genre of music, or ventures in the corporate world.

However, I speak about music here, and most certainly about any routine anyone goes through around the world today. Simply do not isolate yourself. Which is why Don dubbed me as “JSwell.” I dub myself as “gregariSuss,” and not merely as gregarious. Be patient with yourself gents… you’ll understand after a period of time. Just be patient: YOU WILL UNDERSTAND.

My point is that some folks who don’t GET IT (funk), seem to think they already HAVE IT. Sure, it’s easy to sloth it off behind jokes and jibes, but simply playing it is another matter altogether. And you want to know what? Not playing the roots of anything beyond what a person is willing to accept makes that very person xenophobic: afraid of anything foreign and beyond their ability to grasp with either skill, chops, talent or gifts. In other words, unless you can play the roots of a “thang,” then you are a thief.

Why is that? With all humility, allow me to give you my perspective on the “why.”

We seem to live in an age where people simply don’t respect other people unless those peepussies have achieved some level of COMMERCIAL success. Well as the original Suss!, I’m here to tell ya that commercialism doesn’t mean a damn thing unless you’ve got the goods to play any genre at all occasions. And when you play it, do it faithfully as my friend Don Thomas demonstrates with this track with James Brown’s “Cold Sweat.”

And if you play a ballad in any number of genres, then leave the spaces for others to contribute to the forum of ideas and ideals: musically, socially, economically and most certainly Spiritually. Notice how DSlam leaves the necessary spaces for others in the Joint Chiefs to fill, rather than the drummer seeking to fill every mega-nook and hyper cranny. And then after patiently waiting for all introductions to be given, he broke out in his own personality!!! Nicely done… and there are more pimps out there than are producers.

There is no need to critique “Cold Sweat.” It’s LIVE ya’ll (which makes it HOT) – what you hear is what you get when it comes to funk. If you want it dirtier than this, then make sure you bring your toilet paper to wipe your own butt if not up to par.

Neph? I always knew you had it in you. This (and more) is why we are friends. I make it public. So kindly accept my offering to you as such without the usual from you, “well, I’m just doing what I do Unc.”

So I’m not surprised at all. Keep stickin’ dude; perhaps among everyone on any website forum via the internet these daze, those who deserve respect will get it. I’m giving you mine both yesterday, today and forever (and I’ve done a thing or ten!). OH, I’m NOT Finished yet! LOL!

P.S. … as for those who cannot create at the drop of a hat in any genre, then go back to the basics and listen to the proper proponents among Artists/Mentors/Leaders; instead of the clones. With rock music in mind, Elvis may have left the house (and his body), but My King still Lives… and He is the Rock upon which I stand. If you have an argument with my Stand, then take it up with your god on your own, and not with me. If you have no god but yourself, then bless yourself and we're all 'free.' Suspect

P.P.S. Don, I publicly acknowledge that though you and I occasionally fight like brothers around the same table for the same food, we are still brothers and dear friends. You affectionately call me “unc,” and I you “neph.” Naw… our lives together are open books for anyone to read about. From this point on, there is no fighting from me. I decree it and therefore it shall be established (by the Word of the God that I serve). Exclamation

P.P.P.S. Neph… you play your donkey butt off man along with every bit of bells and whistles that melodics add to the foundation you and the bass player are laying down. Those with ears to hear ought to listen instead of joking; and those with chops ought to filet them for another’s eating, instead of their own. Perhaps those who can’t play any instrument at all, should just shut up, sit and listen… instead of pressing the Enter/Internet key. Laughing

P.P.P.P.S. Pete… you know who you are and we’ve never had a cross word. We never will. I love you as my brother too; not to diminish you with “too,” but simply to resonate what we’ve shared on the phone for more years than some even stay married with the opposite sex! Thank you hombre for putting up this site – it didn’t cost you anything beyond your willingness to do it. Such is redemption and salvation: it is FREE without being earned. I pray to the Living God that the secular humanists, atheists and agnostics would come to know THIS truth. Cool

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2No Hot Flashes - Just a Cold Sweat! Empty Re: No Hot Flashes - Just a Cold Sweat! on Sun Mar 09, 2008 1:37 pm

Go-head and wax that gross, Uncle! It's alright by me, man! I love you to and I ask your forgiveness for taking so long to just accept you for who you are. For this is what makes you Uncle.

As to the clip, when it's all said and done, I am "just doing what I do'", Swell. Every once in awhile I can find the mark. And without bragging, I feel pretty good about this one, though only a small mark, I feel I found it.

Thank you for posting, Uncle and thank you for your written thoughts. But most of all, thank you for taking the time just to listen to the tidbits I make an effort to present from time to time, and that goes for everyone involved.

Most humble thanks,


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3No Hot Flashes - Just a Cold Sweat! Empty Re: No Hot Flashes - Just a Cold Sweat! on Sun Mar 09, 2008 3:32 pm

I love the track, can't get any tighter than that!!! It's all so logged in....you really know that music of Funk..as I think it shows that "either you have it or not" mainly depends on the musical environment your were exposed to. My drum teacher who's from New Orleans told me that in his 20 years of teaching in Europe ( Vienna, paris and Linz) the main difference is the approach towards Funk. Not much live Funk here in Europe at all...
That's a thing I want to learn, to groove that mother! Laughing Maybe next time I am in California or Atlanta, I will knock on either Don's or John's door!

Is this one of your regular working bands, Don?

Keep up keepin up

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4No Hot Flashes - Just a Cold Sweat! Empty Re: No Hot Flashes - Just a Cold Sweat! on Sun Mar 09, 2008 7:27 pm

Thank you for the compliments, Niki... The Joint Chiefs is the main band I'm working with right now. I also work with EC and a few other local groups but I've been purposefully distancing myself from those projects a bit so I can begin workin on my own material with the Destiny power trio. We have a rehearsal on the 22nd of this month so I'm looking forward to that. Funk, It's really not that hard, Niki. To me, it's more an understanding of what not to play. It's knowing how to leave space while at the same time filling the holes.

Once you've diecided that this is something you want to learn, the how to aquire it will fall into place. It sure aint a black or white thing. It's just a matter of how, and how much you apply yourself to the task of doing it. It ain't rocket science, just a matter of moves and grooves, man.

Thanks for your ears, Niki. After hearing what you just posted with your music, Your accolades hold extra special meaning for me.


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5No Hot Flashes - Just a Cold Sweat! Empty Re: No Hot Flashes - Just a Cold Sweat! on Fri Mar 14, 2008 5:32 am

The greatest joy I have in my life is to make music, teach the Good News, and share with anyone whose hearts are open to both.

Anyone who 'knows' me personally knows this already.

I treasure the relationships I've gained over the years - - - far beyond any I've lost. You guys are among them that I've gained, in all honesty [and musically speaking, without mentioning any names of those that I've lost, BUT ARE NOT LOST].

So keep stickin ... and pay attention to both the chord progressions and the lyrics (if any). I just HAD to post this clip since there are some who just don't freakin' get it. Like you said Neph, it's in what you don't play rather than what is so often stepped on by playing.

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