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Forensics & Fidelity

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1Forensics & Fidelity Empty Forensics & Fidelity Tue Jun 19, 2012 8:01 am



I lost track of the thread wherein there was more dueling and feuding than reasoning. The saddest part about “reasoning” is when someone takes an opposing opinion as an argument. No one wants to argue, but "life" is an negotiation - at least an exchange of ideas...

Forensic debate is done with diplomacy and respect. However the moment someone comes into the room and presses the ENTER key with their “opinion,” then be prepared to defend your own when challenged. Challenge is a good thing – not a bad one.

The joy about “reasoning” is when those who understand the process won’t take personal offense when “issues” and "positions" are discussed in a public forum. There’s an old adage that states if you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen. Now how empowering is that adage when considering that a person’s opinion on a matter should not reflect against the “person's” character.

I spoke with Don Thomas by phone a few weeks ago and we discussed this in a congenial fashion. The man is a personal friend of minel. It's taken years to develop that respect and dignity toward each other. To say that we fought in the past would be an understatement. Yet over time we both grew to know each other and gain from our diverse expereinces. Yet history repeats itself unless there's a willingness to be meek without weakenss.

Conversely, and in my opinion, there are too many shallow souls everywhere who won’t respect each other beyond their ENTER keys. They simply say what they want and expect agreement in return. When you state your case, then back it up with evidence. Otherwise you lose the debate forensically. Evidence speaks for itself – regardless of an “opinion.”

Unfortunately, this dynamic of shallowness is rife in the world where many are fighting wars, losing their lives and involved in fruitless efforts simply to preserve their cultures and worldview. Such stuff is well beyond this forum. That’s why music is my passion – not my Purpose.

Know thyself and reconcile with each other. Otherwise there will be no Peace … just pieces left to be picked up every day: kicked to the curb and under the bus. I know my Purpose and always seek to reconcile with everyone who is not negligent. Please be vigilant.

I rejoicingly introduce my wife as of June 8, 2012. Affectionately known as “Lanie Light, “ she’s an answer to my prayers after many, many years of unfulfilled matrimony. Thank you in advance for your kudos and congrats. I wasn’t too busy to take notice of her when she was patient as well – and that especially without the hanky panky that is often attributed to musicians. Stereotypes have never defined us in any arena or endeavor. We’re both Ministers of the Gospel as well and handled ourselves properly.

Forensics & Fidelity LadyLight

The woman is also a keyboardist and I’m not the drummer on this song she wrote and plays. She wants to re-record it because she claims the bassist didn’t get the “1” in certain critical areas causing others to adjust to his lapse. Well, I can’t hear it, but I’ll make sure that doesn’t happen again… and guess who’ll be the drummer.


Time these days is preciious for every one. Time is our most valuable commodity. I count it a privilege to share with you my recent news; and ask that we simply be corgial. We're talkin' JAZZ here with improvs.

Are we having fun yet?

Of course we are! If not, then why are we still here?

I love you Guys!

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2Forensics & Fidelity Empty Re: Forensics & Fidelity Tue Jun 19, 2012 11:59 am



congratulations on that brother!


3Forensics & Fidelity Empty Re: Forensics & Fidelity Tue Jun 19, 2012 2:29 pm



kenny wrote: congratulations on that brother!

Thank you Sir.

I truly appreciate your response in kindness.



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Thank you for providing this forum in cooperation with Boomer!

Thank you Boomer for who you are! You changed my musical life Sir!

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I'm frankly embarrassed to admit that I forgot that Lanie's tune has vocal lyrics to it. So the space left for those vocalezes will cause some restrained among everyone's performance. Let it be heard by words and performances.

I just don't have the lyrics yet since this is a work/love in progress.

Duh me! flower

http://www.linkedin.com/in/johnsussewell  http://www.facebook.co

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Congratulations Suss!!

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