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John Guerin played Drums on 1971 Dirty Harry Soundtrack

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[The drumming here is by John Guerin, one of the great L.A. studio drummers of the era.
He plays a large set here,
with five concert toms, and, fairly or not— to everyone else— he kind of owns the
giant 70s tom fill in my mind.
The piece is Lalo Schifrin's Main Title from
the Dirty Harry Soundtrack. Lalo himself is the king of burning 70s TV and
movie soundtracks, and this is one of my favorites.]

Many online thought it could be Billy Cobham
thats why I researched it.


John Guerin (October 31, 1939 – January 5, 2004)


A Top Studio Drummer
played on so many hits.

I bought a Dirty Harry Soundtrack CD as it had outtakes.
Great Lalo used Tablas.
Something Miles Davis was doing at that time.

A Great Drummer from the past.



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