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Reconciliation & Revival...

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1Reconciliation & Revival... Empty Reconciliation & Revival... Sun May 17, 2009 11:08 am



This is an incredible weekend for me. I'm literally out of breath. So much is occuring that unless I take the time to stop time, I could easily forget where I am in Time.

On Friday night after doing some errands for my Mother, I decided to go to one of my favorite cajun restaurants only a few miles from where i live: Pappadeauxs. No sooner than I walk in the door than a Lady mentions my name asking if she thought she is seeing what looking at. My attention was drawn to her and I immediately knew who she is along with her husband: Donna Ritchie & Leon Johnson. This Lady was the Music Director for Upon This Rock Family church when I was pastoring throughout the 90's into the 21st century... and Leon is an audio engineer. We spent a glorious three hours together renting a table, rather than buying a meal.

Seeing my Mother this weekend is beyond description. She still calls me "johnnie!" You talk about FAMILY, I'm living it! Somehow the word "community" doesn't suffice to even approach what I've learned from my Family here in proper contexts.

I also spoke with my younger brother (a medical Dr.) in California. Having moved there this past Fall, he's doing well - however overworked with his discipline.

Then, out of the clear blue, I get a call from my dear friend Don Thomas. I'm out of breath with this guy, his wife Audrey and his entire family in San Jose, CA. Nephew D... I decree that there's more to us than meets the eye. Thank you for reminding me of how relationship is beyond anyone's music. Thank you man. Stay in touch as I know you will. More than any drummer in this "community," you and I play most alike. I just don't have your voice anymore, though I can play and sing at the same time. Yeah Neph... I can walk and chew gum at the same time! lol!

But wait... there's more: I spoke with William Emmanuel Cobham by cell phone. What can I possibly say beyond the knowledge of being able to reach out and touch! Boomer's character is more true than any of you can imagine? It only takes a moment to bask in the aura of true Gift and talent to know that when properly appreciated we are elevated. Go figure while being Inspired. Happy Birthday Billy! Mine will be on July 17th.

... and then in the Mix of our vision and Mission, Pete and I had a chance to relate over this weekend. Peter: you are off the hook with your humility. You are not just a diplomat, but are Destined. I treasure our friendship and trust in each other. Come hell or high water, we WILL meet; along with the rest of us.

I know this sounds ridiculous, but I truly enjoy this Family of Billy's we have here. I do not take myself too seriously, and only want to give honor where it is due: TO YOU ALL. For those who don't know God (as either an aetheist or agnostic), then think again. I not only know my Father, but love you all because of his Love to me AND His Son. Go figure for yourself.

Also Keep stickin' as I am seeking to do.

Your's truly behind the keys instead of the kit:



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