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Return To Forever 2CD and Bonus 5.1 DVD 2012

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1 Return To Forever 2CD and Bonus 5.1 DVD 2012 on Fri Jun 22, 2012 11:39 am

The Bonus DVD is great
so easy to click 5.1
on the 2 performances

After The Cosmic Rain (16:43)
The Romantic Warrior (22:06) Frank starts on Acoustic Guitar like Al would.

This has the Vertu Sound but with a Top Guitarist. (Frank Gambale)

Jean Luc Ponty on Violin is Utter Bliss.

The DVD also has a Hour long Docu
and 8mins peak at the Movie - The Story of RTF

2 Live CD's

I love "Medievel Overture"
made me want to play the 1976 original right after it.

Produced by Lenny White

The Mothership Returns 2CD and Bonus DVD
On Eagle Records

This Is RTF at a High Piont

10 Outta 10



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Thanks Colin.The japan import has a bonus track....but is more expensive!Peace,stef

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stephane wrote: Thanks Colin.The japan import has a bonus track....but is more expensive!Peace,stef

Whats the bonus track?



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The bonus track is "Dayride" on disc 2.Peace Stef

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Decided to get this. I had read the music is kind of slow, owing to the guys getting older. I don't know if it's because the guys are older but the music is definitely slower than the originals and typical adrenalin-filled live performances.

I also wonder why, after 30 years, no new music has been produced. Some have made comments that basically Chick does RTF when money is there to be made, because it's all about the past. I'd hate to think that, but to have five such talented musicians with their individual histories not come up with anything new seems odd, indeed.

The DVD is okay. Not something I'd watch twice. Be nice when a DVD of this performance comes out. But even then, aside from the song line-up, the former energy seems missing in a lot of it.

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Because of the change on Guitar player
I find this set Great.

New Energy is there.

And Lenny still playing good with that damaged nerve.

I think Ted went to a Gig (this line up)
and he was able to see the magic they perform.

I think its its nice to a have DVD with bonus that gives you 5.1
that makes the sound even better
on my Pioneer 5.1 with Wharfedale Speakers

Utter Bliss.



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I just got that about 3 months ago and I love it. Especially the DVD concert included in this package, making a 3 disk pack worth the buck. I actually Stumbled across getting mine at Barns & Noble. Thanks anyway.


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Rac, you have a DVD of the full concert in yours, or some concert and some interviews with Chick, Stanley, and Lenny?

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Hello Asaph,

Yes, interviews with all the members of band plus that wonderful DVD which, I'm convinced, will make this packet a collector's item no doubt. You would think they would cut corners on such a large production, but no - it's quality from the recordings to the DVD movie. Think about it, this may well be their last touring concert more less recording as a group. I say to anyone who appreciates uniqueness of such a band in fusion history would get this thing as part of a collection and support RTF. I actually took the plane to fly to San Francisco to tend their concert because ever since I was a boy, wanted to see them live and never had a chance till then...and I loved every moment of it and will never regret that decision....please don't get me started. And my fave, Mr. Lenny White is Producer. cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers

This is what it reads on the DVD, as follows FYI;

Disk 3 - Bonus DVD
Return to forever: Inside the Music (Documentary
After the Cosmic Rain - performance
The Romantic Warrior - performance
and if that's not enough, The Story of Return to Forever - Sneak Peek Movie Trailer

I am a fan of this great band and rate this set E, for excellent all way around!

Hello, my name is racman, and I approve this message.

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10 Re: Return To Forever 2CD and Bonus 5.1 DVD 2012 on Thu Sep 27, 2012 10:31 am

The package was intended as a CD release of the complete concert, which it was. The bonus DVD contained excerpts of all the tunes interspersed with interviews of the band plus two complete tunes without interview, and a trailer.

I really doubt you will see a release of just a DVD of the complete concert . I would have preferred to have a DVD rather than a CD of the complete show, but they chose not to do that.

the songs were "slower" than the original versions at points because they changed the arrangements to be that way, even playing half-time at some junctures of the songs. One could interpret that as being "new" as well as having two different players that were not part of the original recordings. Their playing and solos were different , thus adding a newer slant to the interpretations of the songs. I enjoyed that.

And yes, as colin said, I had the great fortune to experience this band while sitting onstage a few feet behind Chick. The only way I could have been any closer to the music was to have been behind the kit instead of Lenny. I would have to say that it was definitely still "intense".

I am earnestly awaiting the release of the Blue Note Chick's 70th Birthday month-long series of concerts I attended last year. I hope they include as much footage as possible. It was killing !

Peace, TED

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11 Re: Return To Forever 2CD and Bonus 5.1 DVD 2012 on Tue Oct 02, 2012 12:11 pm

I listened to the full concert on a drive the other day. Sounds sacrilegious to say, I know, especially with JLPs bands being my favorite sounds of the 70s fusion era, but somehow, for me, the music lacked something. It had its high points. Perhaps I would have liked it more if they played different songs, rather then Romantic Warrior, etc. The inclusion of JLP's Renaissance, and School Days, and Spain, also made me wonder why something of Lenny's was not in the mix from Venusian Summer or something.

It is interesting to hear JLP in the mix. Adds another dimension. But overall I found RTF Returns a better concert. Mothership just seems ... too laid back or something. They are all so good at what they do it almost sounds like habit for them, not the experimental passion that existed back in the 70s.

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12 Re: Return To Forever 2CD and Bonus 5.1 DVD 2012 on Tue Oct 02, 2012 12:15 pm

"not the experimental passion that existed back in the 70s."

They were Young then.

It's great they are a band now
and Bliss they are making CD's.



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Maybe if they composed and recorded, and performed new compositions the old fire would return.

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Maybe they will.

They still have some Fire.



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Yeah, I don't deny they seem to be enjoying what they're doing. Sheesh, if I were seventy and playing music I liked to sold out crowds to make a living I'd be feeling nice, too.

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