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Ginger Baker , 73 Performing due to lack of money

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Ginger Baker
was on a Local South East BBCNews report
he is not that well but he said he can still Play well.

He still smokes
and is soon to be Touring in England.

His money has all gone
so the Touring has to happen - he said.
His Gigs sell well.

Times Are Hard

His Blog



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Man, what an influence in my young years. Baker. It is as he has always said - Some play faster, some have greater technique, but no one plays like him. And it is true. He has his own voice and it has always been a cool one. I can recognize his drumming anywhere I hear it.

The first time I saw him smoking I was saddened. The other day I saw a vid on youtube of his trio playing (some nice stuff, too), and he was smoking as he played. Sad. I'd have expected health problems well before this, especially given his drug usage in earlier days.

One of the greats.

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beware mr baker, documentary on this mad man of the drums.

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kenny wrote:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cb-zUvQMO5I

beware mr baker, documentary on this mad man of the drums.

I think the Film Director is Crazy at times
It appears Ginger had to do it to stay alive with money.

He can still play his Drums
that is the magic.

I think it will be DVD some time soon.



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He doesn't seem like a happy guy at all...

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Geez... Poor guy. It seems that he has lived
life in such a way that it's really beat him down!

Talking about a walking dead man... And I don't
mean that as an insult. I say that with the deepest
of pitty. Sad

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7 Ginger Baker on Tue Apr 23, 2013 2:10 pm

This is a sad case of what can sometimes happen in the music business, Ginger Baker according to past interviews
was not paid well on many of Cream's biggest hits because he didn't get a song writing credit for them.

Most of the money was made by Jack Bruce and his writing partner (a Poet/ Hippie)

It is unbelievable but true, Eric Clapton wrote a lot of Cream hits, but not as many as Jack Bruce.
He has survived over the years because of his very successful solo career.

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Another Q&A Video with Ginger

"he is not a Rock Drummer"

[Ginger fury. “I hate f------ rock music!” he shouts,
and bursts into a parody of a bog-standard rock backbeat.
“It’s so banal. I’m a jazz drummer.” What’s the difference?
“You have to swing. There are hardly any rock drummers I know who can do that
. That’s why I can fit in with other musicians, like Fela Kuti,
and the jazz musicians I played with when I lived in Colorado [in the Nineties].




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