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NAMM 2014 Report: TAMA 40th Anniversary Snares

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1 NAMM 2014 Report: TAMA 40th Anniversary Snares on Thu Jan 30, 2014 10:24 am

This looks awesome, Tama Drums are reissuing limited edition snares for their 40th Anniversary,
the birch 80's Superstar snares..the rosewood 80's snares, the bell brass 80's snares, G-maple from the 90's
and the original Starphonic steel snares.

All with original hardware and lacquer finishes from the era that they were originally produced.

Hold on to your hats, because they are not cheap...lol...too bad the don't come with the original vintage prices.

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I played the Tama Superstar Anniversary Snare at Guitar Center, nice drum, even better than I remembered.
But the price tag...$600.00, was very reasonable for a drum that went for around $250.00 in the 80's.

Plus, the snare throw off on the new version is cheap, the original was real heavy duty.
The Rosewood snares are $900 and the Bell Brass snares are almost $2000.00.

Tama is just plain greedy with these prices, do they think drummers are going to put these in a glass case
or maybe in a museum?
It is sad that they think drummers will pay extortion prices for reissues of old snares.

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