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Live Blue Note Hawaii_Simon Philips/Heromi

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1Live Blue Note Hawaii_Simon Philips/Heromi Empty Live Blue Note Hawaii_Simon Philips/Heromi on Mon Jun 05, 2017 5:47 pm

Hi every1,
Again, hectic past 3 months of work and most recent return from my African Missions. Anyway, these are some shots from the Simon Philips/Heromi club-concert, here at Blue Note Hawaii. It was a great concert having to sit just below-front where Simon was set up. Saw a lot of technique, especially moving through Heromi's fast and intense numbers. For some reason(s), so far most artists coming through Blue Note Hawaii won't take time for photo shoots and brief chat with fans. I'm thinking here Hawaii, it's all vacation especially after dragged out/long tours then finally a clubs gig not having to deal with people. Take it as you want never the less, it was a great concert but a bit loud on Simon's playing but was beneficial in seeing his foot-to-hand coordinates on steroids. Though he's not as fast as Boomer or the like but was good.

Then a picture me standing below an incredible rock formation in an area called, Kit Mikayi Kenya, Africa. Kit meaning husband and Mikayi, first wife. History has it that its common that an African king allowed five wives but its the first one, this area where he meet her, was dedicated. Today, a cult group who were the original Africans at that point in history, worship there in the crevices of the rocks. However, while there friends and I saw a group of them worshiping in the dark areas under candle light. Was not until many years later that Christianity changed that and people became friendlier and more adapt to loving their neighbors rather than harmful voodoo practices on one another. This is what I understand from the guide there.

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