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Lee Pearson;Spyro Gyra - No longer a Brand Warm up Act

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Over the years Spyro Gyra has been assumed as being a great warm up band for main header bands. However, after viewing a video live at a Jazz Fest 2013 you judge for yourselves if this is just another....warm up act. In fact, in my estimate, they could be a threat to any main header Lol!! They came a ways from what they were tagged as.

Lee Pearson; His incredible solo starts around 47 on the dial. Now at some point you may start thinking he's just another marathon-type hitter but if you continue to listen he's very dynamic and musical which is what young bloods like him should be paying attention to....it's about the music. Just thought I warn you that it's a whole concert recorded live of which I enjoyed very much and maybe you as well. LP provides for a hard driving pulse which I believe takes Spyro Gyra onto another level altogether, a level that is no longer just "another warm up Act.

My thoughts.

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Yes they are Special.



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