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Lee Pearson;Spyro Gyra - No longer a Brand Warm up Act

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Over the years Spyro Gyra has been assumed as being a great warm up band for main header bands. However, after viewing a video live at a Jazz Fest 2013 you judge for yourselves if this is just another....warm up act. In fact, in my estimate, they could be a threat to any main header Lol!! They came a ways from what they were tagged as.

Lee Pearson; His incredible solo starts around 47 on the dial. Now at some point you may start thinking he's just another marathon-type hitter but if you continue to listen he's very dynamic and musical which is what young bloods like him should be paying attention to....it's about the music. Just thought I warn you that it's a whole concert recorded live of which I enjoyed very much and maybe you as well. LP provides for a hard driving pulse which I believe takes Spyro Gyra onto another level altogether, a level that is no longer just "another warm up Act.

My thoughts.

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Yes they are Special.



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Very nice! Boy, I sure do know what Lee must have been going
through with that shaky drum riser. Not fun with your drums
bouncing all over like that!

Smokin! Thanks for finding and posting the great vids, Rac!

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