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The Trick Pro1-V Twin Drum Pedal

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1The Trick Pro1-V Twin Drum Pedal Empty The Trick Pro1-V Twin Drum Pedal on Tue Mar 09, 2010 1:20 am

Well, I have had the pedal for
a couple of weeks, now and I
will have a lot to day about it,
in addition to what I have said
about the single pedal, all of
which you already know.

Recently, I have had a main server
failure, here, at the office and I
have had to rebuild things but
I am finally near done with it
and hope to be spending more
time with you, starting with this.

I am going to have to do this
incrementally, unfortunately,
being strapped for time but I
know you have been wondering
so here is the first piece. Again,
I will add more to this most, as
the days go by.

Please refer to the original post
on the Trick Pedal for the intro
to the technology. I took a lot
of photos and talked a great
deal about the general setup
of the pedal, including its in-
novations, like the Compression
Spring, the Adjustment Cluster,
which allows for quicker-slower
pulldown (3 options), the split-
cam system, which allows you
to fine tune exactly the combin-
ation of tension, cam and beater,
with the cluster, for the optimum
(your optimum) stroke, not to
mention the Hoop-Distancing
feature, which I think is crucial
for variable hoop sizes, as well
as unusual combinations for
settings for extraordinary pull-
back, which I love to use.

I did not get the new Dominator
Beater, as I cannot be happier
with the Pro1-V Beater and its
telescoping head.

In the package, I received a new
Bigfoot pedal, the Double Hub
Assembly and the female recept-
able for the right pedal. I was
surprised at how easy it was
to fit it all together. I was very
pleased with how smooth the
action was on the slave and also
how close it was to the action
of the right pedal.

I will add more, soon.



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