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Day of the Single Beater; Attention to Detail

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I've always enjoyed Emory over the years.

When the bottom end (BD) supports the upper limb coordinates we see amazing results occur. Sonny Emory, in my estimation, has been underrated to due recognition yet he holds a strong presence when engaged live. 21st century Drum Marathons, electronic enhancements and drum kit add-ons, in my opinion, pales to  the sheer physics and discipline in technique harnessed in raw physical power. Notice Emory's single-beater technique and you'll know what I'm talking about - meaning there is so much more happening with all limbs being in perfect marriage (7:35) that only audible/visual medium best communicate his musicianship, stage showmanship that demands recognition and attention to detail.

Sonny Emory throwback; 1970s

Note; Headphones for better listening.

racman Cool  



Yes played with E.W. & F and the Crusaders Joe Sample
a Cool Drummer Sonny Emory.



D. Slam

D. Slam
Yeah, I don't get it Rac. The playing in that second clip,
Slinky is just mind boggling. And the work he did with EWF
and Jeff Lorber is almost beyond real.

Why Sonny Emory is not touted among the best of the best
is beyond me.

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