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Corea/Gadd Brand; Timeless legend

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1Corea/Gadd Brand; Timeless legend Empty Corea/Gadd Brand; Timeless legend Sat Aug 15, 2020 10:05 pm



Aloha brothers and sisters of the drum world. Hope all is well and maintaining being healthy as possible.

In my humble opinion, there is no musician such as Steve Gadd that has marked the fusion industry. Till today his performances excites and inspires me and thousands for generations to come....that is if they are searching for supreme craftsmanship bar none. The Corea/Gadd Band (Timeless Legend, Timeless Brand)! Classic Peppered-spicy Gadd solo follows!!

Note: Headphones to get the fullness of this magnificent performance. And, favorite wine...Lol!!

Lineup respectfully;
Chick Corea (p)
Steve Gadd (d)
Steve Wilson (sax + flute)
Lionel Loueke (g)
Carlitos Del Puerto (b)
and Luisito Quintero (perc).


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