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Billy Cobham Band Europe and UK Tour Sept/Oct 2021

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Billy Cobham Band  Europe and UK Tour Sept/Oct 2021 Billy-Cobham-band-at-Sicilia-Jazz-2021-Billy-Cobham-Band-Jean-Marie-Ecay-chitarra-Fifi-Chayeb-basso-Steve-Hamilton-tastiere-by-Arturo-DiVita-1200px

This was in Italy,  On the 26th of Sept.

Jean-Marie Ecay (Guitar ),
Steve Hamilton (Keyboards),
Fifi Chayeb (Electric Bass ),
Billy Cobham (Drums)

Photo :© Arturo DiVita


I was at his Jazz Cafe London Gig
on the 30th of Sept
the day before he was in Manchester North England

The UK band

Steve Hamilton (keyboards)
Nikki Yeo (Keyboards)
David Dunsmuir (Electric Guitar)
Michael Mondesir  (Electric Bass)
Billy Cobham (Drums)

Billy Cobham Band  Europe and UK Tour Sept/Oct 2021 244343376_10220628594325815_3441054249738038331_n.jpg?_nc_cat=108&ccb=1-5&_nc_sid=730e14&_nc_ohc=1iMy2WputNUAX82cjOx&tn=FNkahgSy5t8eDcMN&_nc_ht=scontent-man2-1
At the London Jazz Cafe  30/0ct/21

A fantastic concert,  Playing the tunes from crosswinds
Creating a special sound, so rare.

10 Outta 10 gig



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Billy Cobham Band  Europe and UK Tour Sept/Oct 2021 244343376_10220628594325815_3441054249738038331_n.jpg?stp=c0.45.405.405a_dst-jpg_p180x540&_nc_cat=108&ccb=1-7&_nc_sid=da31f3&_nc_ohc=FAeU4oLCxQcAX8kEpHk&tn=FNkahgSy5t8eDcMN&_nc_ht=scontent-lhr8-1

The Local Camden Free Paper
in London has done a Nice review of that   2 day gig.




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I was at a November gig in Weinheim (Germany) this year (like 2 hours by car from my place). It must have been 10 years since I saw him the last time Shocked


It was this time with the great Linley Marthe on bass + Ulf Wakenius (guitar) and Steve Hamilton (keyboards).

The place was small and packed, all people standing, 2 sets, not much place for musicians on band stage (I didn't made any pictures), the band was really powerful, and the best moment was the long solo Billy made in the second part, able to make you listen and follow him as always during all this part, with all the subtleties, contrast & nuances ...

Some tunes they played (most are in Billy Cobham set list here & there for some time I think) :

Cancun Market
Obliquely Speaking
Red & Yellow Cabriolet
In Search of Snoopy (the kind of new variation on "Red Baron")
and (not 100% sure anymore) On the Move

It was really good to feel again Billy's band in concert, it was as good as expected and I hope to find another time in the future to see him again ;-)



Cool photo...looks like Boomer was using a rental drum kit.

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