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New Pioneer PD-50 (Hibit 32 ) CD /SACD player

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1 New Pioneer PD-50 (Hibit 32 ) CD /SACD player on Sun Jun 09, 2013 6:28 am

It plays out via L&R cable
you switch on the Hi Bit 32 and every track is upgraded
to this High Level.

Engineered in Japan
they have produced Higher Sound for all CD discs.

Utter Bliss.

10 Outta 10

"The Pioneer PD50 is a high-quality CD and Super Audio CD (SACD) player with a high-end design
and integral digital to analogue converter (DAC).
The PD50 features high quality hifi components which deliver a hugely enjoyable performance.
An extremely capable Digital to Analogue Converter (DAC) outputs outstanding analogue stereo
from files on disc or USB or connected devices, or you can choose digital output for a separate DAC.
The PD50's high-end design means that Super Audio CDs and ordinary CDs both sound fantastic.
It will also play CD-R/-RW discs created on a computer, DVD audio and MP3 or WMA
(Windows Media Audio files) from discs or through the front USB socket
and music from your iPod, iPhone or iPad through the USB."



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