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New CD Billy Cobham Drum 'N' Voice vol.4

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1 New CD Billy Cobham Drum 'N' Voice vol.4 on Thu Sep 08, 2016 9:05 am

Out now

Eumir Deadato
Frank Gambale
Brian Auger
Stanley Jordan
Gregg Kofi Brown

Recorded in Milan , Italy
except Vocals  - Gregg Kofi Brown , 3 tracks , London.
Organ solo  -  Brian Auger , track 1, Recorded, Produced by Kama Auger

Billy Cobham - Drums , all tracks
Pino  Nicolosi - Keyboards , all tracks
Lino Nicolosi  - Guitar  , all tracks except tracks 1, 7 and 9
Rossana Nicolosi - Bass  , all tracks except  tracks 4,6   and 10

Produced and Arranged  By Nicolosi/Novecento

Billy Cobham's 1973 track "Le Lis"  is done in 2 versions
Instrumental  track 10
Vocal Radio Version 7

Great 24bit CD
10 Outta 10.



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2 Re: New CD Billy Cobham Drum 'N' Voice vol.4 on Thu Sep 08, 2016 3:21 pm

Yep, got it , and agree it's a good CD.

Here's one you might not have heard of that Bill's on. Plays on 3 tracks:


I also spoke with Boomer personally at the Blue Note when he last played with Donald Harrison and Ron Carter and he told me it's okay to purchase the live radio broadcasts that have been coming out on Gonzo Records. Which would be the Live at Hofstra and Live at Montreux. The reason is that he is receiving some monies from the sale of these discs, so he's not getting ripped off as what many of these kind of bootlegs do.

I have them both and the sound quality isn't too bad just some hiss as is found on most radio broadcast recordings.

Peace, TED

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3 Re: New CD Billy Cobham Drum 'N' Voice vol.4 on Fri Sep 09, 2016 4:49 am

Yes  Ted
I sent Bill the Gonzo Site  link
some time ago
but what is sad  about them
and that other Company  is the sound is terrible.



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