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1974 Remix Jimi Hendrix Machine Gun

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11974 Remix Jimi Hendrix Machine Gun Empty 1974 Remix Jimi Hendrix Machine Gun Sat Jul 03, 2021 4:56 am



Jimi Hendrix-Guitar, Vocals he died in Sept 1970 in London.

Added Session Players in 1974

Lance Quinn-Guitar
Bob Babbit-Bass
Alan Schwartzberg-Drums

[Producer Alan Douglas (1931-2014)

met Hendrix end of 1969
He had got control of stewardship of all Hendrix Music

Back in 1974
He removed the Original backing Musicians
added a 2nd Guitarist that never met Hendrix at all.
Session Bassist and Drummer of those years.
He had loads of tapes to go through/

This one Track still has not come out in studio version
only in Live version.

Two 1969 Studio Version's are in the Vaults now owned by Sony
with Billy Cox and Buddy Miles on Bass and Drums.



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