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Update: Modern Drummer Magazine...Under New Ownership

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As I suspected, Modern Drummer Magazine has been sold, it's no longer owned by the Spagnardi family.

Ron Spagnardi and his wife Isabel started the magazine from his basement in 1977 and it quickly grew as one of the only
and best drum magazines on the planet. Ron passed away at the age of 60 in 2003 but his wife Isabel has kept the magazine
going since then. Now a company called LiveXLive has acquired the magazine as of June 2021.

They currently are behind on producing a physical magazine, the last issue I received was the July 2021 issue.
I have email them recently and they have assured me that they are currently trying to "catch up" and should have the missing issues
out to subscribers soon. However, they still have no magazines out on newsstands, and who know when that will happen?

It remains to be seen what the future of Modern Drummer magazine will be....



Update: Modern Drummer Magazine...Under New Ownership FEuH-hvWQAcBkCI?format=jpg&name=small

From their Facebook Page





So far they sent me the July 2021 issue 3 times and I still have not received the August, Sept. Oct. & Nov. 2021 issues.
It still doesn't look good over there with the new Modern Drummer owners.
The return address on the package said Modern Drummer but it's a U.S. Post Office in Boca Raton, FL.
More info coming as I try to get my money's worth from what now seems like a failing business on it's last legs. Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes

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Modern Drummer no longer produces a physical magazine, it's now a PDF magazine only.
I received a refund for my remaining issues, the new owners think they are being "hip" with the times,
but who reads a magazine from their phone or tablet?...so ridiculous.

They still print a physical magazine for the "Legends" series and all other sheet music related items.
Also, no more Modern Drummer Festival DVDs, just video downloads.
This is a disturbing trend in the business, catering to kids and 20 years old's who don't want to own anything
and spend every waking hour on their phone or PlayStation.

Honestly, I wouldn't give a bucket of piss for their future, when you change a time honored tradition your days are numbered.
Hundreds of other publications still print magazines, check out any Barnes & Noble store, these new owners are "clueless"....
Bye Bye Modern Drummer Magazine...it was nice while it lasted.......

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