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Saw Billy Cobham and his band on the 15th of August

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I had a chance to see and hear Billy Cobham with his band (Jean-Marie Ecay on
guitar, Christophe Cravero on keyboards and violin, Philippe "Fifi" Chayeb on
bass and Junior Gill on steel pan and percussion) on the 15th of August. This was
actually Billy's second visit to our country (Finland/Europe) this year and the
fifth time I saw him live within the last 10 years. A businessman had a dream to
have Billy Cobham perform on his 50th birthday and he managed to pull this off.
The performance took place in a school's banqueting hall, which I first thought
might not be that good acoustically, but the band sounded really great. The
balance between the instruments worked well too.

Billy Cobham and his band played one set, which lasted for approximately 80
minutes. I’m not quite sure if I caught all the titles, but at least the following were
performed (not particularly in this order): Mirage, Cat In The Hat, Torpedo Flow,
Moon Germs, Stratus, Eggshells Still On My Head, Clitter Clatter, Alfa Waves and
Red Baron. Billy played a longer drum solo in the middle section of Alfa Waves.

This newest incarnation of the Culture Mix –project sounded more energetic and musical
than the previous bands, who were good as well. The biggest difference was in the
guitar department in my opinion. The bass player and the keyboard player were
excellent musicians too. I hope a dvd of this unit will be released in a foreseeable future.

After the show people lined up to buy signed copies of “Fruit From The Loom” (the latest cd release),
which to my knowledge only can be bought at the concerts and through www.audiophileimports.com .
All the cd's at this event were sold.

Thank you Billy for a great, memorable performance and all the best!


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