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Locomotive Breath by Tim Curtin & Friends

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1Locomotive Breath by Tim Curtin & Friends Empty Locomotive Breath by Tim Curtin & Friends Thu May 13, 2010 10:48 pm

Ted E. Bear

Ted E. Bear

Okay for all you Tull fans here's another classic - Locomotive breath

Tim Curtin - guitar, vocals , Mark Hitt, guitar, Eddie Denise, bass and Ted on the drums . We also had a guest guitarist for a short solo on this one Lou Giminez , one of the best progressive rock guitarists from our area back in the day. His band was called Rondo and they did Yes like no other band has. We finally got him to come to one of these and he had a blast and wants to come back again ! He also played on another song that I will probably put up.

Hope you like this ! Small files so easy download !


Peace, TED


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