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1972 Doug Rauch some great words on him.

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11972 Doug Rauch  some great words on him. Empty 1972 Doug Rauch some great words on him. Fri Oct 18, 2019 10:32 am


[The album continues without a break into Waves Within, a perfect tune to
introduce a critical ingredient in the making of the album,
and that is bass player Doug Rauch.

Rauch moved to the Bay Area from New York on the
invitation of Michael Shrieve, and played with the band
The Loading Zone and with guitarist Gábor Szabó,
where he met keyboardist Tom Coster.
Both of them were recruited to the band within a few months,
but while Coster joined at the tail end of the recording,
Doug Rauch had a major impact on the music that
was committed to tape during the recording sessions for the album.
Shrieve: “Doug’s joining us also had to do with the fact
that Carlos was getting into John McLaughlin and
the Mahavishnu Orchestra and so was Doug.
He was really, really good at playing odd time signatures
like that band did, and he utilized his thumb technique doing this as well.
When we went into the studio to record Caravanserai,
Doug brought in the song Waves Within, which was in 9/4,
I believe. That song is an example of where Doug was going.
” Adding a comment about his technique, Shrieve recalled:
“Doug had a really unique way of playing.
He was one of the first to play with the thumb and popping technique
that was later made famous by Larry Graham and Stanley Clarke,
and I think that Doug should be credited as the first to
really develop that technique into a comprehensive playing style.”
Sadly Rauch, who continued with Santana for a couple years during their
increasing ventures into jazz, passed away in 1979 from a drug overdose.
He was only 28, a great loss to the music world.]

Taken from this link:

1972 Doug Rauch
a Great Young Jazz Rock Fusion Bass Player.



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